Capacity Building Workshops

Project overview

We work with twenty five different community organisations that are with great need of capacity building therefore we try to encourage people who are in a position to deliver training and capacity building to our projects to volunteer with us.

Otra Cosa Network  is providing training and development sessions, providing coaching, supporting collaboration with all our partners. For instance, we have trained 100 teachers from CEP School, Maria del Socorro and many others Classroom Management techniques with five teachers from Finland. We have also run training sessions in Management for our Project Co-ordinators and Leaders. We ran teacher training sessions for the Special Needs school teachers. Many of our sessions in capacity building can be run in  the premises at the Library in Huanchaco which we partner or it can be run on the Projects’ own premises Buildings.

We have seen the impact of these capacity building sessions on the projects and how it has helped their progress. There has been some form of monitoring, for instance we have questionaires with indicators of progress in advocacy work, and some evaluations to review the progress we have achieved in the Special Needs School and at the Shanty Town School.

Role/what you would be doing

The role would depend on precisely what training or capacity building skills you can bring. It can range from preparing for a major one off workshop training 100+ teachers to a lower profile role work closely with existing project practitioners to offer them on the job training and coaching in better ways to do things.

There is a broad range here, but one common theme is having a skill/ability to offer and the willingness and motivation to share this to enable others in Peru to build up their own capability locally to serve their community better.

Even a few weeks of your time could be well spend to enable local people improve their communities lives for years to come.

Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
21+Higher IntermediateMin. 3 months
Type of Role(s)Construction
Level of Project Structure
Undefined - Project not yet defined - Volunteer Will need to be confident self-starter and shape project and role after arrival
Specific Skills/Experience Required
Volunteers must be self-starter and independent. Previous experience of something similar would be an advantage.

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